Insurance for Life: Term to 100

Term 10 and 20 life insurance plans offer protection for the short-term. However, many people need their life insurance to last for their entire lifetime. As a result of this need, many carriers offer a Term to 100 life insurance plan.

Term to 100 is different from Term 10 and 20 plans in that it is a permanent policy, and will insure the holder of the policy until the age of 100 (or for life if you live beyond the age of 100 years old).

Term to 100 plans are best suited for people aged 50-65 since they:

  • Have a level premium for the life of the contract (e.g. the premium amount will never increase).
  • Automatically renew each year until you turn 100 (the contract does not have a pre-determined expiry date, like Term 10 and 20 plans).
  • Are generally more affordable than other permanent insurance types (e.g. whole life or universal life) since the cash value part of these other plans are costly.

- It is important to know that Term to 100 is cheaper than whole life insurance -

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