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When renewing a mortgage or buying a home the institution that is doing the financing offers mortgage life insurance, which many people buy. What many people do not know, however, is that this mortgage insurance does not have to be purchased from the financial institution.

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Home Owners - Affordable Life Insurance Rate and PolicyJohn, Barbara, and family.
Richmond Hill, Ont.

John : Instead of taking the mortgage insurance from our bank we purchased term life insurance, which not only offers us mortgage protection but also offers us peace of mind in case one of us passes away unexpectedly.

Barbara: We purchased convertible term life insurance, and right now have just enough coverage to protect both our home investment and family. We are also thinking of converting the term life to whole life when our 10-year term is up (fortunately we talked to an advisor beforehand, and as a result the term life policy that we purchased is convertible to whole life insurance).

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